Stop wasting time and data watching complicated videos, playing long voice notes and reading unending messages on whatsapp in the name of learning importation where you still end up going back agents to with higher charges that can send you back to village, join us live in Awka Anambra to hold you by the hand and show you all it takes to import directly from china without without any agent or middle man.


I am a digital marketer, importation, procurement and e-commerce expert and co-founder UniKimp brand makers team Lagos.

There’s no doubt that importation  from China is the best business anybody can start with little or no capital and scale higher within the few months of starting but many Nigerians jump into this while they experience series of challenges and still jump out with heavy debts leading to unrecoverable set backs.

         s set backs in Nigerian Importation system:

  • Poor product sourcing, not every product you can import, show me somebody who know how to source for hot selling and wanted products and I will show you a millionaire in importation/ecommerce business
  • Inability to communicate with Chinese companies directly; your inability to communicate with sellers yourself can be dangerous because you dont really know anything about the product except the few details you have seen there
  • Payment challenges: when you are unable to buy and pay directly on the site, you suffers a lot because you depend totally on what your agent tell you whether true or not, I know many of my colleagues (procurement agents) that increases the conversion rate of RMB to naira because people buying through them  have no choice but to use them.
  • Lack of cheap and fast shipping companies: The success of every importer starts right from connecting a reliable, fast and cheap shipping company not the the ones that gather cartons and give your net weight of goods as 100kg when the actual weight of your goods is not up to 50kg           
  • Language barrier; Your inabiltiy to communicate with Chinese companies normally blocks your access to amazing offer like promotional prices and free shipping which we enjoy while we are logged into sites.
  • Using a wrong shipping method at a time; Generally each product have a specific shipping method depending on the nature of the product but unfortunately even some importation mentor dont really understand this and that is why you hear someone procure goods worth 30k and the clearance fee scale up from 50k-80k and this experience will normally result to unrecoverable lost in ones importation business