Electric Wine Opener

Just imagine buying an expensive wine for a very important occasion and you ended up having a broken bottle at hand simply because you don't have a good wine opener! How could that be so humiliating and disgracing,

Take a look at these pictures

To avoid all these public disgrace and waste, we bring to you a professional and reliable wine opener


EASY TO USE – Cordless electric wine opener removes and releases the cork in seconds with no extra effort. down button pulls the cork out of the bottle, up button releases the cork.

ENVIRONMENTAL CHARGING – Built-in rechargeable battery. Opens up to 80 bottles on a single charge. More environmentally friendly, more safety, more efficiently. With unique blue light, showing you the battery capacity status, fashion and practical.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – The wine opener features stainless steel housing with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, looks stylish and elegant, and suits for any place and occasion.

BEST WINE BOTTLE OPENER – This electric bottle opener is a brilliant gift idea for wine lovers at Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas,Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day.
The life of the wine bottle opener is long lasting

EASEY TO OPERATE Just press and hold the down button to open the cork within 6 seconds and the up button to exit the cork.

Why You Need This Electric Wine Opener

The battle between wine lovers and bottle cork in order to access the wine inside the bottle is always a world war which sometimes ends up with the owner of loosing the entire wine.

I can remember some years back when I went to my village for chrismass, my aunty brought a very expensive wine and my dad in attempt to open the wine the bottle got broken and we all ended up in disgrace.

Imagine you are honoured in an occasion with a quality bottle of wine or maybe you organize an occasion which some wine is involved and simply because of a wine opener you end up losing the whole wine, that’s damn painful.

I know of some local wine openers out there but they require strength and absolute carefulness in operating them which is quite stressful and totally different from our product

Our product is unique, easy to use, excellent and adorable in all occasions for both home and abroad, hotels, restaurant, bars, weddings and Christmas and parties.