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Victoria: I Can Now Buy Myself Without Agents And I Even buy For Others

Chioma Adaeze From Lagos, Now A Full Time Importer And Procurement Agent

Mr Tobi: I Really Appreciate The Training Because We Were Able To Do Everything Ourselves No Cork and Book Stories Or Copy And Paste From Google

Mrs Olutoyin: Though I’ve been importing from China For Sometime Now But I Normally Use Chinese Agents Because Idont Have An Alipay Account And I Was Not Fully Registered On The Site Untill I Met Mr Steve

Mr Michael Yoni: I was really impacted with the great knowledge and I am 100% interested in learning more from Mr Steve if the opportunity will be given to me.

Mr Michael: Before Then I Use To Buy On Ali-express And Alibaba But The Prices Was Very Expensive Though I Heard Of 1688 But I Had No Clue Till I Met Mr Steve

Mr Tega Aigari: I Won’t Really Say I Paid For This Training When I Compared The Value Of What Mr. Steve Delivered With The Little Token I Paid

Miss Maryan: I Am Actually a Mini Importer But I Use To Import Through Agents Because My Greatest Challenge Was To Have A verified Alipay Account Till I Saw Mr Steve’s Advert Where I Joined The Class And My Alipay Account Was Verified

Angel: I am very happy because I just made my first Chinese payment without an agent, it is indeed an opportunity

Mrs Sam: The class was really wonderful and practical with videos, ebooks, pictures and voice notes, what I really appreciate in the life of Mr Steve is that he is always there to attend to his student’s questions no matter how stupid the questions might sound , I can assure you this is the best place to learn Importation/procurement